Hi there,

My name is Dan, I’m a student and live in Melbourne, Australia. I like to remain completely anonymous and therefore will never give my full name or exact location.

This blog is about me releasing lyrics, which I have written and have no use for. I am not talented vocally and cannot user these lyrics for myself, so I’m giving them to you! FREE OF CHARGE! I have no interest in taking your money. Even though a littleĀ donation is always helpful and welcome.

I’m also pleased to announce that I will have a friend begin running the blog’s music review section. Reviews of singles, albums and music videos will be uploaded and written by Sebastian Starcevic, a friend of mine. I am very pleased to announce this news.

So, if you have any questions of queries, feel free to send me an email to: dansmusic9@gmail.com





14 thoughts on “About

  1. Could you give me your email, not very comfortable enquiring here. For now, my name is BOBBY. (name is the first six letters of my email) :3

  2. Hi! so we can actually use these lyrics here and just put you as song writer?because i need a song that will show off some vocals and im not sure what these lyrics would some like with music? I’ve tried to write a song but i get stuck at the chorus. do you have a song for that? and do you share your music with all ages or do you have to be 18 or older?

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