Song Review: You Ruin Me by The Veronicas

THE VERONICAS ARE back from their two-year-long hiatus and tapping into the sweet melancholy of Christina Perri in their latest single, You Ruin Me.

Vocals are en pointe – at once husky and low, then crystal-pure and soaring – and the raven-haired twins portray a rare vulnerability that bellies their customary rocker chick rebelliousness.

The twins look like the ghost of Amy Winehouse as they serenade an unfaithful lover with haunting lines like: ‘Cause you play me like a symphony/Play me till your fingers bleed/I’m your greatest masterpiece.’

The music video channels old-world ballet glamour with a splash of nightmarish Black Swan – classical theatres and violin orchestras, ribbon-slim girls practicing their arabesque and a muscular teacher who gets a little too handsy with our twin starlets.

We’re predicting that You Ruin Me will echo the fresh success of other broody ballads like Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Stay With Me.

It’s a wonder that between getting into sisterly squabbles and being stuck in label limbo, the twins managed to come up with something so spine-tinglingly impressive. No release date has been set for their third album, simply titled The Veronicas, but we can’t wait to take a listen!



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