Song Review: On My Way by Lea Michele

GLEE GAL AND certified Broadway babe Lea Michele exercises her Streisand-esque vocals in On My Way, a song which leaves listeners wondering if Babs and Idina Menzel were ever reincarnated in the same body.

If there’s one thing that can make a mediocre pop ballad replay-worthy, it’s Lea Michele’s powerhouse vocals. Girl’s got a voice like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s got muscles. That said, the song lyrics are fairly unremarkable. Lea sings about falling for a bad boy, the ensuing struggle of head versus heart, yada yada. Melodically, it’s catchy and radio-friendly. Maybe not as catchy as Cannonball, the debut hit in Lea’s new album, but it still showcases the force of nature that is her voice.

In light of its late-February release, Lea’s debut album, Louder, has been pretty successful, even skyrocketing to #1 album on iTunes. It’s not difficult to see why. Lea could sing out of a paper bag and make it a hit. Here’s hoping she has more hot tracks coming out in time for Christmas, the epoch of iTunes vouchers.



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