Blog Cleanse, and Announcement!

Ok, so this will be a long post, bear with me.

I’m deeply sorry that I have been inactive on this blog for a while (since February, I believe?), however, I’m back and better than ever! I’ve take some time off, gotten some inspiration, experienced a few things, and now have so much to write about! There are definitely more lyrics coming your way, ASAP. Yesterday, I posted two songs, of which I am very proud of. There are more to come, they’re all stored on my phone, begging to be posted.

However, I’ve done what I call a blog cleanse. I deleted some taken songs and some songs I no longer like nor enjoy. I’ve deleted all pending comments, so if you’ve commented in the last few months, and it never appeared on the blog, I’m sorry, but I have no time to troll through the 5000 comments which were pending. Feel free to begin commenting from now. I promise to read them. I also have cleansed my email inbox, so if you’ve sent me an email, please re-send.

I also was receiving around 50 emails a day requesting personalised songs. I unfortunately do not have the time to write 50 songs a day (nor the brain power, I might add). So I have decided to terminate this service, I’m sorry. I am also terminating the service in which I allowed people to send through their instrumentals, and I would write songs to them. I am also quite sorry for this too. It’s a time issue. I now work, attend class, and my life has gotten so busy lately.

However, I have a passion for music and will never stop writing lyrics or listening to music.

Now, onto some good news…

I have a friend who I have recently found out has AMAZING literary talents. He runs the blog . Please check it out, the writing is incredible! Plus he has an excellent review/post about Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora’s hit music video, Black Widow, which I shared earlier. 

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. What does Japanese culture, anime and ancient demons have to do with lyrics? Nothing. However, I recognise his talents and his passion for pop music. Therefore, I have asked him to begin running the Music Review section of this blog. It is an aspect of the blog which I have continually neglected. Therefore, hopefully music reviews will be posted way more often.

Seb is his name. A freelance writer by night, student by day, Seb loves all things writing. Except maybe poetry. Anyway, he’s building his skills as a writer and has written for companies around the world, amassing a portfolio which he hopes will one day net him a journo position somewhere more interesting than Australia. No topic is too strange, so if you have a magazine or a blog that needs tending, shoot Seb an email at sebstarcevic(at)gmail(dot)com.

We came together to build both our audiences and gain exposure. Hopefully, an interview will be coming soon enough. This will entail a posted “interview” where Sebastian will ask me questions and the interview will then be posted on BOTH our blogs. So please, continue sending through your requests for reviews. You’re more likely to get one in now!

I will be redesigning the blog soon, to coincide with the new features and rebirth of the blog. But don’t expect it to be any better. I’m not a web designer you know!

Once again, I thank every single one of you for your support. And I look forward to a rebirth of this blog, with more lyrics and more reviews!


Dan (and now Seb!!!!!)


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