SONG REVIEW: Heart Attack. By Demi Lovato.

Thanks to musismylife for sending me this song to review.

Heart Attack

I think I’d have a heart attttaaaacccckkkkkkk.
Heart Attack by Demi Lovato is easily, without a doubt one of, if not THE best pop song out on Top 40 Radio right now. The electro pop (without being too dub-step or electro) beat is simply amazing. The beat and tune is refreshing, new and quite loud compared to other pop songs.

Yet, Lovato’s strong vocals still manage to shine in the midst of all the chaotic (yet awesome) beats in the background. Lovato has proven herself to be a benchmark when it comes to vocals in young pop. It is evident that she can hit the constant high notes live which 90% of current pop artists cannot do.

The lyrics are to be honest, plain yet frank. Its a nice change from the complicated lyrics that come from mainstream pop tracks. Demi sings “It feels so good, but you know it hurts” and “Never had trouble getting what I want, but when it comes to you I’m never good enough”. She clearly demonstrates her ability to sing plain lyrics to emotionally which makes it so much easier for the listener to relate to.

The bridge, what a bridge! The lyrics are simply stunning, and the layer on layer wailing vocal effect is to die for! Her vocals shine and so do the beats and effects. She sings “The feelings got lost in my lungs, they’re burning, I’d rather be numb”

All-in-all, you MUST purchase this song. You will not regret it. Lovato is one of the best vocalists of her generation. Along with Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. I can sense people are going to start complaining.. Saying “What? are you serious?” Look up her performance of Heart Attack on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and you’ll see. And she was even sick during that performance!! Anyway, download the song ASAP. You’ll love it.

Note: Offensive and Hurtful Comments will be deleted. You may give your opinion on the article or the song, however personal attacks towards ANYONE (Especially me, other commenters and The singer) shall be deleted and reported.

Lyrics: 8.5
Tune / Instrumental: 9.5
Vocals: 10 – I know its high, but give it a listen and you’ll see why.
Total l: 28/30
Letter Grade: A

My Opinion On Demi Lovato:
Shes amazing! She is truly inspirational and her voice is the strongest out all the ex disney stars. *Cough* Britney *Cough*

Picture Curtesy Of Just Jared.



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