SONG REVIEW: Come & Get It. By Selena Gomez.

Thanks to Darrenj96 for sending me this song to review.

Come & Get It

Come & Get It by ex Disney starlet Selena Gomez is a recently released track by Gomez which is a massive change from her previous music in which she worked and collaborated with her ex band, The Scene.

I dislike the random bongos and odd noises that appear many times throughout the song. However I do have to admit, the chorus is extremely catchy and will get stuck in your head after the first listen, which is probably a good thing. The lyrics are nothing special however I love the electro pop instrumental that follows the vibe of Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack. You can also read a review of that song on this blog.

The verses and choruses are much better then she short bridge which seems sometimes out or place compared to the rest of the song.

Auto-Tune seems very evident in the song especially during the last chorus where most artists usially add long, high notes. However Gomez can’t seem to hold a note for longer them 3 seconds and they’re not very high.

Overall, download the song if you are curious or a Gomez fan. If not, don’t bother because it will play on radio quiet often.

Lyrics: 6.5
Instrumental / Tune: 9
Vocals: 4
Total: 19.5/30
Letter Grade: C+

My Opinion On Selena Gomez:
To be honest I really don’t know much on Selena. I know that shes a great actress. I don’t know whether she can sing or not so maybe she should tone down the auto-tune so i can find out.

Picture Curtesy Of Just Jared.



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