OMG I HAD A SONG TO POST BUT DIDN’T SAVE IT SO I LOST IT 😦 Ill try remember it and post it soon.


2 thoughts on “NEW SONG: Numb

  1. Hey Dan I was wondering if you could write a song about a budding relationship? I didn’t catch whether or not you would respond to a comment, but if you could, that would be awesome. I really like all of your songs, by the way, especially Light It and Start It. LOL It’s really generous of you to let us see these songs and turn them into our own!

    • Hi! Thanks for all the compliments! I would appreciate it if you followed me on twitter at : @unusedlyrics
      I would prefer it if you email me therefore we can negotiate without spamming all the followers of the blog 🙂 so thanks just email me and possibly follow me on twitter?

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