Another free service I am willing to provide, I am happy to write lyrics for your instrumental tracks.

You must:
Be 18+
State the reason
State your location
Use manners


Ok so I received a wonderful request for a song the other day and I wanted to post it (removing names and details etc) to set the tone for all email requests to come.

This is an example email. Obviously if you do not have an instrumental don’t include the part about the instrumental, if you don’t have a title in mind don’t include it, or if you don’t want to specify on a particular genre either….
Where ever there are dots you can fill in.
Please do not copy it word for word.


Good evening, Dan.

My name is……… from …….

I have tried time and time again to write lyrics to the melody lines I have come up over the years with no success (lyrics are not my forte). I have recently written a song that screams for lyrics, and after running across your wordpress website, I wanted to ask you if you could help me.

I was curious what you would need, if you were to graciously accept. Sheet music? Mp3? Midi file? All of the above? How would you like the melody line to be voiced (typically, I just use lead guitar to voice it)?

The genre of lyrics would be …., or …… The tentative name for the song is “………,” but that could always change. I envision the song is about …………………

I fully understand you are a busy individual, and I greatly appreciate your time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much,






  1. Hi. I’m a hip-hop artist, producer, singer/songwriter and engineer. I been makng music for about 10 yrs, Im looking for something lyrically refreshing. Are u up for the challenge?

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