UPDATE: Songwriters?

Hello people, I was wondering, are there any musicians who would like to assist in songwriting for this site?
Or is there anyone that would be interested in running our Facebook or Twitter pages…
Since we are a non profit site, these positions are volunteer and not paid.
Please email me if you are interested..


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Songwriters?

  1. Hey Dan,
    I love doing stuff on-line, I’d love to help out in running Facebook and/or Twitter. I’m an active user on both sites and find them both awesome!
    I love this site – really helpful! Thank-you!

  2. hey, i would actually be extremely interested in helping a site like this develop! If the offer is still up i left my email address and will be eagerly awaiting your reply! i have notebooks full of lyrics that i am willing to share, and i can usually spit another one out in about an afternoon (provided i have good inspiration) and id love to share them with the community.

  3. I was just looking through some of the lyrics you have up and then came across this post and well I’m into singing as well as playing multiple instruments. I’m more of the country singer, but when it comes to playing music it ranges to any type of genre. It would be great to hear back so we can talk about making music together.

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