Hello People!

Just a little quick question? Who are you? Who reads this blog? Are there any frequent readers? Is there anyone genuinely looking to use these songs? Are there any questions you have for me? Please comment and tell me! I really need to know.

And there are more songs to come within 36 hours.



9 thoughts on “HELLO: QUICK QUESTION…

  1. I just found this site and I am addicted… I will use all of the songs that i like… I am a singer who has really bad writers block…

  2. I just a kid 13 years old I’m a great singer for my age and since I’m so young I don’t have many experiences in life because of my age but I would absloutely want to use one for mine and my friends band but we would not take full credit

  3. I’m just a 16 year old, i play guitar and sing (not professionaly or amazingly) but i dont use your songs 🙂 i love to read them though and i find them amazing! Iwant to write my own songs but i struggle with lyric writing

  4. am so in love with this site and alway check it out when i can. am Zambian and i really like your lyrics just hoping it okay that i used them they are awesome I don’t care what others think…… Looking forward to more of your uploads.

  5. hey Dan. i am a common reader of your songs. Im a 15 year old girl with the hopes of becoming a singer. i love your songs. I wish i could write but dyslexia for me takes over. you are an amazing person. Keep it up.

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