What Do You Want To See???????

Hello Peeps!!!!!!!

I know I’ve got like 0 readers ( i just started this blog tonight lol)

But I’m currently writing songs for this sight. So comment on here for what type of music you would like to see.

Pop?, Pop Rock? Ballad? Anything!!!! Just comment for what type of lyrics you want for this site!!!!!

Also let me know what themes you want for these songs!!! I’m also happy to write songs for particular people. If you would like a special song, only for you, give me a theme and genre and I’ll send it straight to you. Or I can put your name on it and post it on the site too! I’m flexible guys! But since I’ll be putting a lot of (special work) into these ones that are requested, I still won’t charge you a cent!


13 thoughts on “What Do You Want To See???????

  1. Hey, could you write a song like little mixes ‘wings’? I love that song and want to do it for my band but I think it’s kinda nicking it so similar beat and it would be amazing if it could be about being strong. If it works, I will give some credit and say that you wrote it. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi, i have just formed a rock band, and i would love if you would write some lyrics for a rock song for my band thanks.

  3. Hi!
    I would like a kind of up beat rock pop song like Adam Lambert’s ‘If I had you’.
    I really want to one day get signed, so really would like some lyrics to start off with. I would of course give you full credit if you like. So could you please help?

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